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Party Venues

There are a great number of things to consider when it comes to planning a party or event. And there are even more ways to mess up when it comes to planning a party or event. The most important part about the party planning process is undoubtedly deciding which venue to utilize. If you find the right venue for your event then you will have no problem from there on out. But there are still so many ways to mess up when it comes to planning for the venue of your event. Many people don't really know what to look for so they go for the most obvious option. This can oftentimes lead to disaster because when they go with the most obvious option, they often leave out an extremely important detail, or many important details, and it leads to a complete disaster of a party. Don't let this happen to you. Follow the following guide which will walk you through all of the steps that you need to take in order to plan for the perfect party venue.

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a party venue is to identify exactly what kind of party or event it is that you are throwing. This goes beyond just identifying if you are throwing a birthday party, a bar mitzvah, a wedding reception, an anniversary, and so on, but it includes identifying what kind of people you intend on inviting to the party, what you expect those people to wear when they show up, and also, and most importantly, how many people you intend on inviting to your party or event. If you don't know how many people you intend on inviting, then you can end up finding a venue that ends up being too large or too small for your purposes and this can often lead to many unintended disasters. For example, if you get a venue that is too large for your needs, then the event can end up being too spread out and your guests could never end up building any energy, and they can get bored pretty quick, and even begin to feel awkward at how spread apart everything is. If you get a venue that is too small for your needs, then you run the risk of everyone beginning to feel really hot and claustrophobic, which can sometimes be even worse. Avoid this and give yourself a realistic expectation on what you anticipate the size of your guest list looking like.

The next thing you need to consider are all of your additional needs. For food, do you plan on getting a venue that provides food or do you need a venue that will allow catering? What about audio-visual equipment for music, slideshows, and speeches? What about parking? Do you need a valet service provided by the venue, or for the venue to allow you to hire a valet company? Many venues provide these services at an additional fee, others have many tried-and-true services that they have used in the past, and most have extensive policies and restrictions on these services, so it's best to identify what it is that your requirements are for each and every aspect of your party so you can discuss them with the venue before you even settle on a particular venue, that way you won't be surprised when a venue turns down something that you plan on doing for your event. This can lead to major bummers.

If you use this guide, then you should have no problem finding a party venue that suits all of your needs and purposes!