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Petting Zoos

Everybody loves animals, but if there's a group of people that love animals a whole lot, it's children. Children simply can't get enough of the furry little things. Because of this, children are constantly demanding that we take them to zoos to see all of the awesome animals, some of which they have never seen before. It is always a delight watching our childrens' faces light up at seeing a cool new animal, and proclaiming it as their new favorite, but the biggest problem with zoos is that they aren't particularly hands-on. Which for zoos is a good thing because many of the animals at the zoo will bite a hand clean off, but wouldn't it be cool if you could pet and even feed all of the animals that are at the zoo?

This is why petting zoos are so awesome and beloved. Because you can get together a group of children and take them to a petting zoo to do just that! Each petting zoo gives you pellets of food for the animals, an experienced and knowledgeable employee that teaches the children all about the animals, and a designated amount of time to pet all sorts of different animals. This is so awesome because it gives children a chance to do something that they never thought that they'd ever be able to do in their entire lives and that's pet all sorts of different animals that they would normally be forced to see from a distance. This can make a child's dreams come to life. Because of this, there are so many different ways to utilize a petting zoo. You can use a petting zoo for a child's birthday party celebration, and many petting zoos have awesome packages that work perfectly with this need. You can also use a petting zoo for elementary science class field trips, as field trips have been proven to make a curriculum infinitely more interesting for children, and what better way to get children excited about science than by bringing them to a petting zoo to pet adorable animals? We can't think of any better ways!

There are so many different animals to enjoy at petting zoos. They have the typical barnyard animals that you would expect them to have such as cows, piglets, ducks, llamas, goats, sheep, chickens, calves, horses, and ponies (that some petting zoos allow the children to ride.) But some petting zoos also have an exotic animal section for animals that the children may have never even heard of, let alone get a chance to pet. These exotic animal sections can vary greatly depending on the geographical location of the petting zoo as well as the particular knowledge set of the staff of that petting zoo. These sections can include animals like koala bears, kangaroos, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, alpacas, lion cubs, penguins, butterflies, platypuses, hippopotamuses, and even zebras! This can be a great way to introduce children to new animals that they have never heard of before.

Petting zoos are fantastic, magical places that are an excellent place to bring children for any occasion. Even if you just want to bring a child there for a day of leisure, it is a fantastic idea and the children will be very grateful for it.